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Featured | Snap Maven

One Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, I shot the kids being silly in the kitchen and on the stairs. Just being siblings, being themselves. I pulled back and tried to stay out of the moment, just observing. And wouldn’t you know, an image was featured! Yipeee! This first image was featured on Snap Maven as a top 10 pick for the theme Minimalism. And even more exciting, is that I have been asked to guest judge a weekly challenge later this month. Yippee, yahoo, yay! Be sure to check out the other winning images if you have a chance!



Something Real

I have been participating in a few online break out sessions for Photography. Eye-opening, soulful, humbling. To be putting my work out for other amazing photographers to see and offer feedback has been awesome.  It has all been about finding opportunities and making connections, with my camera, but also in finding some great new contacts in the photography world. My goal this year is to continue doing this, focusing on finding my style. Hopefully this time next year, I’ll finally be ready to put myself out there a bit further. It is easy to get down, doubting my abilities as a self-taught photographer, but I am determined not to give up in striving for bold images that make people who see them feel something real. I hope you’ll stay tuned. I look forward to your feedback!